Yerba Mate, Associated Terms and Vocabulary

• Yerba Mate: From the tree, "Ilex Paraguariensis", cultivated in South America. The yerba is the leaves; dried and crushed to make a tea-like herb.
Terere: A common name for Mate when consumed as a cold beverage, most common to Paraguay.
Bombilla: A straw with a strainer on the end that filters the leaves out of your mate drink. Typically bronze-based and plated with other durable metals. Those made of solid Gold, Stainless Steel, or other durable metals can last many decades of daily use.
• Mate: (Two meanings) Mate is shortened term used to refer to Yerba Mate, but it is also used to refer to the gourd used to drink mate derived from the Guarani word, “Mati”.
Infusion: An English term used to refer to a traditional mate serving. It is the process of soaking the yerba, and filling the mate with water and drinking it. Several infusions can be taken from a single portion of Yerba Mate.
• Matero: A mate drinker, also the “host” mate drinker.
• Matermo: Thermos/Container that the Matero uses t keeps the water warm/cold between infusions.

How does all this tradition come together?

Mate Senario: The "matero" carries his gourd (mate) containing the yerba and the bombilla in one hand, while carrying a matermo of luke-warm water under his arm. In general, yerba mate is consumed in the morning or afternoon between meals. Mate drinking is often a shared ritual spirited with friends and family. The matero prepares and tries the mate. Then, he passes the mate to another group member who drinks his prepared drink. Some people prefer to prepare and drink from their own mate.



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